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How do I qualify for AI status?

The following prescribed thresholds apply in order to be eligible to be treated as AI :


·    Net personal assets (“NPA”) exceed S$2 million (or its equivalent in a foreign currency), but net equity of primary residence capped at S$1 million of the S$2 million threshold [1] ; or

·    Net financial assets [2] (“NFA”) (net of any related liabilities) exceed S$1 million (or its equivalent in a foreign currency); or

Income in the preceding 12 months is not less than S$300,000 (or its equivalent in a foreign currency)

If you meet any of the above criteria, you qualify as AI-eligible and may be treated as AI if you choose to opt-in. This is subject to StashAway's verification that you meet the prescribed thresholds above.

[1] An individual’s primary residence refers to where the individual lives in most of the time and –

  • is to be calculated by deducting any outstanding amounts in respect of any credit facility that is secured by the residence from the estimated fair market value of the residence; and
  • is taken to be the lower of the following:
  • the value calculated under (a); and
  • $1 million.

[2] Where “financial asset” means:

  • a deposit as defined in section 4B of the Singapore Banking Act (Cap. 19);
  • an investment product as defined in section 2(1) of the Financial Advisers Act (Cap. 110); or
  • any other asset as may be prescribed by regulations made under section 341 of the Securities and Futures Act (Cap. 289).






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