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It’s time you don’t lose sleep when the markets are down

Our investment framework maintains your preferred risk level no matter what happens in the markets.

How? Economic data indicate when a new economic regime (think: recession) starts. When that happens, we’ll protect your assets by adjusting your portfolio to the upcoming economic regime, which usually lasts several years, not several hours or days.

This way, you’re prepared for new economic conditions before market conditions even change.

Portfolios specifically designed to help you achieve that dream

Want to retire early? Want to start a business? Want to do both? You can have as many portfolios as you want.

And we’ll build you a realistic investment plan that gets you there.

Flexible deposit and withdrawal options

  • Invest and withdraw when you want

    Transfer any investment amount into your portfolios whenever you’d like. You can also withdraw some or all of your investments at anytime, free of charge.

  • Multi-currency capabilities

    We currently accept SGD and USD transfers. We’ll convert non-USD currencies into USD for investments at just 0.1% on top of the market spot rate.

  • Earn income in SGD

    Our diversified income portfolio sources income from government bonds, corporate bonds, REITs, and stocks so you can earn returns through various market and economic conditions.
    Learn more about our Income Portfolio.

  • Invest your SRS funds

    StashAway complies with the Ministry of Finance in order to provide an investing solution for your SRS funds. 

    Learn more about SRS.

Security at every step

  • MAS-licensed

    StashAway has a Capital Market Services License for Retail Fund Management, meaning we meet the high capital, compliance, audit, and reporting requirements from MAS. With it, we can advise and manage funds for both retail and accredited investors. As part of this, we comply to technology risk management guidelines, which are the same guidelines with which Singapore banks comply.

  • Secure server infrastructure

    We built and manage a secure server infrastructure that protects your data. Regular whitebox and blackbox testing ensure that cyber attacks wouldn’t compromise our multi-layered defense mechanism. Our systems are hosted on Amazon Web Services and monitored 24/7 with intrusion detection systems and other security measures to safeguard your data.

  • 2-FA

    We require you to set up two-factor authentication (2-FA) when creating your account. When you log in from a new device or update your account, 2-FA will require you to enter a One-Time-Password (OTP) sent via SMS.

  • Withdrawal verification

    You’ll receive email notifications for your records for every transfer and withdrawal. And, for your security, any suspicious transfers will be automatically flagged for investigation.

  • Tech-audited

    Third parties regularly audit our data protection and cybersecurity measures, and processes. This includes regular security code reviews and penetration testing.

24/7 access to your investments

Sign up, check your portfolios, and make changes all on your phone or computer. No appointment required.

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100% human customer service

Because it’s your money, and it deserves special attention.

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