How much fees do I have to pay for the Retire on Time Unit Trust Portfolio?

You’ll be paying between 0.96 - 2.08% on your deposits. It’s a little higher than our usual rates, but that’s because of additional fees from the unit trusts and the platform we use. It is, however, significantly lower than banks, who typically charge 4% or higher. 


It consists of 3 types of fees / charges: 

  1. Fund-level Fee: Charged by the fund manager, calculated as a percentage of the Net Asset Value managed by the fund. This is not an actual cash flow borne by you. It is offset by the funds before distributing the returns back to you.
  2. Platform Fee: Charged by our platform partner iFAST, calculated as a percentage of the total assets under management.
  3. Annual Management Fee: Charged by StashAway, calculated as a percentage of the total assets under management


Fee type


Fund-level Fee

0.56% - 1.68% p.a.

Platform Fee

First $100,000 SGD: 0.28% p.a 

Next $150,000 SGD: 0.25% p.a 

Next $250,000 SGD: 0.2% p.a 

Next $500,000 SGD: 0.1% p.a 

More than $1,000,000 SGD: 0%

Annual Management Fee

0.4% p.a.

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