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How is a StashAway retirement portfolio different from a savings account?

While a savings account earns only very low interest that barely keeps up with inflation, StashAway retirement portfolios expose you to growth opportunities in the market when you can afford to take some more risk. Then, the system lowers your risk as you approach retirement.

Why open a retirement portfolio with StashAway?

Gives you flexibility

We know that plans change. If you want to retire sooner (or later), or you want to increase the amount you want to achieve, all you have to do is log in, and enter your new target retirement date or amount. Then, we’ll automatically adjust your portfolio accordingly.

Manages your risk

When retirement is decades away, you can afford to take more risk to increase your portfolio’s exposure to growth. And then, in order to protect the assets you need as retirement approaches, that high risk level will intelligently taper off to a comparatively very low risk level. That way, you’re ready with the assets you need when you need them.

Keeps you on track

Part of a personalised plan is a reasonable savings plan that you can stick to. We’ll build you a monthly investing plan so that you can easily maintain the discipline it takes to stay on track. That way, you can retire on your terms, not someone else’s.

Personalises your financial plan

When do you want to retire? What type of lifestyle do you want in your retirement? How much have already started saving? How much can you save each month? Can you increase that? We’ll get just personal enough so that you can have a near-accurate estimate for your financial plan.

  • Regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore
  • Optimised for better returns
  • $0 minimum balance
  • With no lock-in, you can withdraw your investments whenever.

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