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StashAway is a digital wealth management platform that invests your money in low-cost, risk-managed portfolios of ETFs. Sign up with this personal invitation, and we'll manage up to $40,000 SGD for free for 6 months.

Get up to S$40k Managed for Free

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With us, you can invest for whatever you want

  • Retirement

    We’ll intelligently manage your risk exposure with our all-inclusive annual management fee of just 0.2% to 0.8% as you retire faster than your banker. Learn more about retirement planning.

  • Income Portfolio

    Earn a projected 4.4% net returns p.a. with our intelligently-diversified SGD Income Portfolio with the same low fees you can expect with us.

  • General Investing

    Adjust your risk exposure whenever you want with no minimum balance, no lock-up, and just 0.2% to 0.8% in an all-inclusive management fee. Learn about how we invest.

  • StashAway Simple™

    With StashAway Simple™, you don’t have to meet any special conditions to earn a projected 1.0% in interest. That means no minimum (or maximum) balance. And, there is no management fee.

Our investment principles

Make investments decisions with data, not with gut feelings

To manage your investments, we use macroeconomic indicators so that we know about changing economic conditions long before the markets respond, data to understand how asset classes perform in different economic conditions, and thousands of hours of research and testing to select the exact asset classes that comprise your investments.

High returns don't have to come with high risk

High risk doesn’t necessarily mean high returns. In fact, because we understand which asset classes perform best in particular economic conditions, we earn returns without exposing your money to unnecessary risk. And, with the StashAway Risk Index, you can decide exactly how much risk to which you’re willing to exposure your money.

How our portfolios have performed

Below is our portfolios' annualised performance and our same-risk benchmarks' since our launch in July 2017. We compare our portfolios' performance to their respective same-risk benchmarks because risk management is a core function of our investment strategy: We designed and manage our portfolios to maximise your returns without exposing your money to excessive, unnecessary risk to earn those returns.

Our same-risk benchmarks are proxied by MSCI World Equity Index (for equities) and FTSE World Government Bond Index (for bonds). The benchmarks we use have the same 10-years realised volatility as our portfolios. We calculate these returns before fees. All returns are in SGD terms. The inception date for portfolios with SRI 6.5%, 8%, 10%, 12%, 14%, 16%, 18%, and 20% is 19 July 2017; the inception date for portfolios with SRIs of 26%, 30%, and 36% is 16 August 2018; the inception date for the portfolio with SRI 22% is 15 August 2019. Past performance is not a guarantee for future returns. Before investing, investors should carefully consider investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses, and if need be, seek independent professional advice. Last updated January 2022.

Our investment framework's goal isn't to beat the markets every day. In fact, depending on how much risk you decide to take, you'll likely still experience short-term volatility at times. But, through those bumps, your StashAway portfolios can recover more quickly compared to investments with the same risk level that don't maximise returns. The end result? The opportunity for less painful drawdowns in the short term, and stronger performance in the medium to long term.


Our investment portfolios

General Investing, Goal-based Investing, and Income Portfolio

Total investment (SGD)Annual fee rate (incl. GST)
First $25,0000.8%
Any additional amount above $25,000, up to $50,0000.7%
Any additional amount above $50,000, up to $100,0000.6%
Any additional amount above $100,000, up to $250,0000.5%
Any additional amount above $250,000, up to $500,0000.4%
Any additional amount above $500,000, up to $1,000,0000.3%
Any additional amount above $1,000,0000.2%

cash balance

Expense ratio charged by ETF manager is approximately 0.2% p.a. Income Portfolio's expense ratio is approximately 0.4% p.a.


Currency conversion fee charged by our broker for non-USD deposits to USD portfolios: 0.08% on the spot rate 

StashAway Simple™

Cash management portfolio

StashAway management fee for any balanceFREE
Net expense ratio charged by the underlying fund managersApprox. 0.205%
The net expense ratio is 0.33%, and there is a rebate of 0.125% that we award back to you when we receive it. The difference is the 0.205% net expense ratio for StashAway Simple™.


We don’t include your Simple balance as part of your overall investments under management when we calculate your fee with us.

The importance of fees on your investments

Here, we compare the effect of fees a $10,000 initial deposit with monthly subsequent deposits of $2,000 SGD for 30 years with 6% annual returns. We use StashAway’s fee structure of 0.2% to 0.8% per annum versus an average Unit Trust's fee structure of 2.7% per annum.


It’s time to manage your money on your terms

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Get up to S$40k Managed for Free

security_iconWe’re licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Find out more.