Are you covered by SDIC (Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation)?

StashAway is not a bank. Money in banks needs SDIC protection because repercussions of a bank failure can result in the loss of your money.

With Simple and Simple Plus, funds are segregated and held separately by our fund managers’ custodians - Saxo Capital Markets Pte Ltd or Lion Global Investors for Simple. In these custodian institutions, your assets are always in a segregated account-- one that is separate from StashAway's operations and assets. This means that you will always have full access and claim to your assets no matter what happens to StashAway. Find out more here: What happens to my money if StashAway gets acquired, goes public, or closes?

For StashAway Simple Guaranteed, SDIC insurance applies to StashAway as a firm to the value of $75,000 and doesn’t apply to clients on an individual level. However, rest assured that we only partner with MAS-regulated banks and are subject to stringent regulations.