CIO Insights

Whatever You Do, Ignore the FOMO

Don't buy, and don't sell. Stay the Course.

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Our Approach

What is the 'StashAway Risk Index'?

Our risk measurement, explained.


Introducing, Higher-risk Portfolios

Here's what you need to know about them

CIO Insights

Fear of a Yield Curve Recession: Is it real or hype?

And what's a yield curve anyway?

Investment Advice

Debunking "High Risk, High Return"

Is 6% annual returns high or low? It depends.

CIO Insights

Are We in a Bond Bubble?

And what does it mean for equities?

Money Management

Lifestyle Inflation: Your worst enemy

This is why the wealthy stick to budgets

Money Management

Do You Have an Emergency Fund?

A credit card doesn't count.

Money Management

Is a Robo-advisor Right for Me?

Where to invest your money isn't always clear. We've broken down the key differences to help.

Our Approach

StashAway’s Asset Allocation Framework

At StashAway, we deploy a sophisticated regime-based asset allocation strategy to build intelligent portfolios for each of our customers.

Common Investing Terms

How Compound Interest Works (And Why It Matters)

Did you know that the earlier you start investing, the more money you will have thanks to the power of compound interest?

This is investing, redefined.

Start investing to take control of your financial future.

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