StashAway Simple™

Earn a projected 3.7% p.a. with Simple

Earn on any amount. No minimum, no maximum, no rules. Just a Simple way to grow your cash. 

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We’re licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (Licence no. CMS100604).

Earn a projected 3.7% p.a. with Simple
Earn a projected 3.7% p.a. with Simple

It's Simpler to grow your cash than you think.

Tired of navigating through the endless lists of criteria to earn a rate at a bank? We understand. That’s why we created Simple! To make the investing experience straightforward, and, well, Simple

Simple in a nutshell

  •  No minimum balance
  • No cap on the balance that can earn returns
  • No investment, insurance, or salary requirements
  • No restrictions on withdrawals or transfers
  • Set up in seconds! No paperwork


Simple in a nutshell

How you can use Simple

  • Invest your emergency fund 
  • Prepare for upcoming expenses (your next holiday, wedding and more)
  • Set aside for investments
How you can use Simple


Projected rate
3.7% p.a. (net of fees)
Understand how the projected rate and returns correlate here.

Management fee
0.15% p.a. 


Underlying funds

  • 30% LionGlobal SGD Money Market Fund
  • 70% LionGlobal SGD Enhanced Liquidity Fund

What is Simple's volatility?

Here's how Simple compares to some other alternatives in terms of volatility. 

Simple Guaranteed

No market volatility, however, is subject to underlying bank risk. 

Other options: fixed deposit, Singapore Savings Bonds.


Doesn't carry any market volatility, but the projected rate can be influenced by interest rate movements.

Other options: cash funds, T-bills.

Simple Plus

Can experience short-term volatility in pursuit for higher returns than Simple.

Other options: short-term bond funds.

Bonds ETFs

Can experience volatility due to interest rate changes and default risk. Longer duration bonds are more sensitive to interest rate movements, while those with lower credit ratings are more susceptible to default risks.

Other options: bond funds.

Equity ETFs

Can experience volatility due to factors such as outlook on growth, interest rates, and market sentiment

Other options: equity funds.

Don't just take our word, hear from others

Loving StashAway. I use Simple to flow funds in and then dollar cost average into the long term portfolio. The customer service has been very quick and exceptional! Highly recommend👍🏻
From Google Play Store
Invested in Simple for more than 1 year and enjoying the returns that are better than a regular current savings account. Minimal risk exposure and ease of mind. Importantly the portfolio is simple!
I’ve been investing since February 2021 and it’s been a useful way to keep my backup funds.
Manager at Pharma company
Stable returns, an automated flow that makes regular deposits easy. It saves me time.
Creative Designer
Easy to use, suitable for periodic DCA. It allows one to customize based on investment themes. I personally think the money market product (Simple) is a good parking facility for idle cash.
From Google Play Store
Easy to use. Like StashAway Simple, interest rate better than FD.
From Google Play Store
Stashaway Simple has really been a good investment for me as a starter. Although the returns are not really ideal for those who seeks for higher profits, but I feel happy seeing the numbers growing bit by bit.
From Google Play Store
I’m using Simple for 4 months. It’s very convenient, has good returns and the app makes my life easy!
Customer service



Projected rate before fees
3.9% p.a.
Net fee charged by underlying fund managers, including quarterly rebates*
0.15% p.a.
StashAway management fee
0.15% p.a.
Projected rate after all fees
3.7% p.a.

*We return to you 100% of the rebates that we receive from the fund managers for Simple.

Two ways to invest


Ensure your cash is working harder for you! No need to jump through any complex hoops, set up in a few minutes and start earning returns. 


Save on taxes and maximise your retirement savings when you grow your Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS) funds in Simple. 

Other strategies to grow your cash

Explore a few other ways to grow your cash.

Simple Guaranteed
Earn a guaranteed 3.7% p.a. with a choice of tenors.
Simple Plus
Simple Plus offers a yield to maturity of 4.5% (last updated 31 May 2024) for slightly higher risk. Recommended holding period of at least 12 months. 

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Make money decisions with confidence

Here are some things to think about when deciding what to do with your cash.

Get smarter with your cash

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Get smarter with your cash
Get smarter with your cash

Frequently Asked Questions

First, with the enhanced liquidity fund, we are using an institutional share class that has lower total expense ratio (annual fee charged by the ELF's fund manager) than the retail share class available on FSM or anywhere else. So, we give you access to the ELF at a lower cost.

Second, we return all rebates from the enhanced liquidity fund and money market fund back to you. Most other platforms and fund managers don't do this.

Unlike fixed deposit accounts that require a minimum lock-up period, you can withdraw from StashAway Simple™ at any time. And unlike traditional savings accounts, StashAway Simple™ doesn't have any tiered earnings structures or account activity requirements. Also, StashAway Simple™'s rate can vary, depending on the economic environment. In addition, your Simple portfolio is made up of ultra-low risk assets, but is not insured.

While we do our best to ensure the closest possible match between the projected rate and actual returns, there may be variations between the two. The projected rate of a money market fund is an estimation based on the current investments, interest rates, and expenses of the fund. It is usually expressed as a 7-day annualised yield, which represents the income generated by the underlying funds over a 7-day period, annualised for a full year.

Here’s a few factors that can cause the actual returns to differ from the projected rate:

  1. Interest rate fluctuations. The yields on short-term securities, in which Simple’s funds are invested in, are sensitive to interest rate movements. If interest rates rise, the yield on the funds' investments will also eventually increase, positively affecting the actual return.
  2. Changes in the funds' investments. The fund manager may buy or sell securities in response to market conditions or investment strategy changes, which can impact the actual return. To provide the best possible projection of future returns, we regularly update the projected rate and maintain ongoing communication with our partner fund managers.
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