Thematic Portfolios

Invest in the trends you think will change the world without exposing your money to unnecessary risk.

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  • Diversify your investment plans

    Expose your investments to new sectors that aren’t available in most balanced portfolios

  • Stay true to your risk preferences

    Maximise your thematic exposure while keeping your risk under control

  • Invest in promising long-term trends

    Invest in trends that are here to possibly change the world and grow in the long-run

  • Get professionally-crafted portfolios

    Our investment team has researched hundreds of ETFs and stress-tested dozens of portfolios so that you don’t have to

This is thematic investing, but with risk that you can actually measure

Thematic investing can generally be very risky. That’s why we took the uncertainty out of it by designing portfolios that maximise your thematic exposure only as much as your risk preference allows. This way, you can get exposure to the themes that you have convictions about without having to worry about overexposing your money to risk.

Our Thematic Portfolios

We’ve identified three themes that have the potential to transform the world. Which ones will you put your money behind?

  • Technology Enablers

    How the world operates is constantly evolving, and new core technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Robotics are behind it all.

    When you choose Technology Enablers, you invest in:

    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Blockchain
    • Cloud Computing
    • Robotics
    • Semiconductors
  • The Future of Consumer Tech

    Thanks to consumer technology, the way we live, move, and connect with others has completely changed in the last decade. And it’s just the beginning.

    When you choose The Future of Consumer Tech, you invest in:

    • E-commerce
    • Fintech
    • Gaming
    • Internet
    • Future of Mobility
    • Social Media
  • Healthcare Innovation

    Even before COVID-19, healthcare around the world has been advancing rapidly - changing the way we stay healthy, get treatment and recover.

    When you choose Healthcare Innovation, you invest in:

    • Biotech
    • Genomics
    • Medical Devices
    • Pharmaceuticals

Access the world’s best fund managers in thematic investing

The ETFs in our Thematic Portfolios are managed by some of the top fund managers in the world. They’re well-diversified, giving you exposure to hundreds of promising companies across various emerging sectors.

Thematic investing isn’t about small wins. It’s about the changes that will stay and grow in the long term.

There are the cyclical trends that come and go with seasons, headlines, and the markets. And then there are structural trends that will fundamentally change the world as we know it. Are you ready to put capital towards major future drivers of growth?

Put money behind your convictions with Thematic Portfolios

Download the StashAway app to set up and start investing in your Thematic Portfolios. If you would like to learn more, refer to our FAQs or reach out to our team.

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