Thematic Portfolios

Invest in the trends you think will change the world without exposing your money to unnecessary risk.

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Thematic Portfolios
Thematic Portfolios

Diversify into new sectors

Gain exposure to new sectors that aren’t available in most balanced portfolios and supplement your existing investments with strong equity diversification.

Diversify into new sectors

Get professionally-crafted Thematic Portfolios

Put your money into portfolios that have been thoroughly researched and stress-tested by some of the top fund managers in the world.

Get professionally-crafted Thematic Portfolios

Gain thematic exposure without excessive risk

Maximise your thematic exposure while keeping your risk under control with assets dynamically allocated based on your risk preference.

Gain thematic exposure without excessive risk

Our Thematic Portfolios

We’ve identified the themes that have the potential to transform the world. Which ones will you put your money behind?

Two ways to invest


Make sure your cash is working harder for you! Set up the StashAway app, and transfer via manual deposit or eGIRO.


Save on taxes and maximise your retirement savings when you invest your Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS) funds.

Keeping your risk under control

While thematic investing generally outperforms in the long run, it can be risky. To keep your risk under control, our portfolios include “balancing assets” to make sure your money isn’t exposed to more risk than you’re comfortable with.
StashAway Risk Index: 20%
More conservative
More aggressive
Target portfolio composition
Theme assets
Balancing assets

Access the best fund managers in thematic investing

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Focus on the long-term wins

There are the cyclical trends that come and go with seasons, headlines, and the markets. And then there are structural trends that will fundamentally change the world as we know it. Where will you put your money?
Are you ready to put capital towards major future drivers of growth?
Structural trend
Cyclical trend

Put your money behind your convictions

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Put your money behind your convictions
Put your money behind your convictions

Frequently Asked Questions

Thematic Portfolios can be a strong addition to a core investment strategy. Thematic Portfolios have a lot of long-term equity exposure, making them a great way to add diversification to your existing investment plan. Thematic Portfolios are higher risk compared to our General Investing portfolios. This means that they’re certainly not a replacement for a balanced retirement plan and other savings plans, but they do have the potential to complement long-term financial plans. If you’re a starting investor we recommend you take a look at our General Investing portfolio.

Thematic Portfolios are a long-term investment product which allows you to invest in what you believe could transform the world. They are aimed to maximise exposure to promising long-term trends within your risk preference. Thematic Portfolios are grouped around different promising trends and are composed of exchange-traded funds (ETFs), as well as balancing assets (non-thematic instruments). You can learn more here.

Our annual management fee for Thematic Portfolios ranges between 0.2% and 0.8%, average expense ratio charged by ETF fund managers is 0.52%. However, there's no minimum investment amount and no subscription, switching, and rebalancing fees. Learn more about our pricing here "StashAway Pricing".

When you create Thematic Portfolios with StashAway, you choose the StashAway Risk Index (SRI). Based on the risk you select, we’ll maximise your exposure to the themes and add the so-called balancing assets as the remainder. Balancing assets are the non-thematic instruments included in your Thematic Portfolios to ensure your risk levels are under control.

Our investment team has narrowed down hundreds of the world's best thematic ETFs by analysing three criteria. How efficiently the fund is managed by evaluating their tracking error versus the target asset class, how cost-efficient the fund is (total expense ratio), and how easy it is to redeem and invest into the fund (liquidity).

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