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  • No account setup or exit fees

  • Unlimited, free withdrawals

  • Unlimited, free transfers between portfolios

  • Rebalancing, transaction, and reoptimisation costs are included

Our investment portfolios

General Investing, Goal-based Investing, and Income Portfolio

Total investment (SGD)Annual fee rate (incl. GST)
First $25,0000.8%
Any additional amount above $25,000, up to $50,0000.7%
Any additional amount above $50,000, up to $100,0000.6%
Any additional amount above $100,000, up to $250,0000.5%
Any additional amount above $250,000, up to $500,0000.4%
Any additional amount above $500,000, up to $1,000,0000.3%
Any additional amount above $1,000,0000.2%

cash balance

Expense ratio charged by ETF manager is approximately 0.2% p.a. Income Portfolio's expense ratio is approximately 0.4% p.a.


Currency conversion fee charged by our broker for non-USD deposits to USD portfolios: 0.08% on the spot rate 

StashAway Simple™

Cash management portfolio

StashAway management fee for any balanceFREE
Net expense ratio charged by the underlying fund managersApprox. 0.205%
The net expense ratio is 0.33%, and there is a rebate of 0.125% that we award back to you when we receive it. The difference is the 0.205% net expense ratio for StashAway Simple™.


We don’t include your Simple balance as part of your overall investments under management when we calculate your fee with us.

The importance of fees on your investments

Here, we compare the effect of fees a $10,000 initial deposit with monthly subsequent deposits of $2,000 SGD for 30 years with 6% annual returns. We use StashAway’s fee structure of 0.2% to 0.8% per annum versus an average Unit Trust's fee structure of 2.7% per annum.

Want even lower fees?

When you invite a friend to start using StashAway, you’ll each get up to $10,000 SGD managed for free for 6 months once your friend makes his or her first transfer with us. You’ll get free investing for any Investment Portfolio regardless of whether your friend deposits into an Investment Portfolio or StashAway Simple™, but the free investing doesn’t apply to StashAway Simple™, because, well, it’s already free.

There’s no limit on how many people you refer, so get going.