Long-term wealth, the smart way

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all investing and welcome to investing that aligns with your goals, risk appetite, and time horizon. Invest in globally-diversified portfolios that capture long-term returns, all while keeping risk constant. 

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Long-term wealth, the smart way

Risk Managed, Returns Maximised

Because you are more than low, medium, high risk. Bold, cautious or anything in between, you decide on the risk that works for you.

With the StashAway Risk Index, you can rest easy knowing your investment will not lose more than you're willing to tolerate regardless of the economic conditions. 

Expert-curated and managed portfolios

Our proprietary investment strategy, ERAA, manages your portfolios based on macroeconomic data, not gut feelings. It determines the best asset allocation for portfolios based on economic conditions, and not how the market is doing that day. When economic conditions change, your portfolio's asset allocation changes to maximise your returns and keep your risk level constant. 

General Investing powered by StashAway®

About this portfolio

  • Keeps risk constant while optimising for returns 
  • Expect long-term outperformance, and occasional deviation from how the markets are doing in order to keep your risk level constant

General Investing is intelligent investing

  • Gives you intelligent, global diversification across many asset classes
  • Aims to outperform the benchmark in the long term 
  • Seeks optimal risk-adjusted returns in the long term 
  • Powered by some of the world's top fund managers 
  • Built with cost-effective ETFs

Number of underlying funds 

  • 7-13

Average expense ratio 

  • 0.2% p.a. 

General Investing is easy investing

  • Set up a portfolio in minutes 
  • Portfolios are automatically updated by experts, so you don't have to do a thing 
  • No minimum balance or monthly requirements 
  • Low fees, and never any hidden fees

No lock-in period 

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