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There’s one thing that should be in every investment plan: A long-term, professionally-managed, well-diversified investment portfolio. And that’s where General Investing portfolios come in.
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Our General Investing Portfolios

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This is how a $100,000 deposit would have grown over time

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Want even more options for your money?

Different investment strategies seek wealth in different places. If you’re ready to start diversifying where you put your money, try any of our other investment options.

Thematic Portfolios

Add diversification to your portfolios by putting your money into trends you believe will shape the future.

Flexible Portfolios

Customise your own portfolios by picking your assets and adjusting their allocations.

StashAway Simple™ and Simple Plus

Two of the easiest ways to grow your cash. Earn a projected 3.3% p.a. with Simple and 4.6–5% p.a. with Simple Plus.

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