StashAway Reserve is only for Accredited Investors

Set your wealth apart from the rest

With StashAway Reserve, access exclusive institutional-grade private investments and truly personalised wealth advisory. It’s the new league of wealth creation.

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We’re licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (Licence no. CMS100604).

Set your wealth apart from the rest
With more companies staying private longer, there’s more wealth than ever to capture in private markets.
With more companies staying private longer, there’s more wealth than ever to capture in private markets.

With more companies staying private longer, there’s more wealth than ever to capture in private markets.

StashAway Reserve is your access....

Private Equity and Venture CapitalBeta

Access exclusive PE and VC opportunities with the best fund managers in the world
Exceptional performance: Over the last 25 years, PE and VC funds have outperformed the S&P 500 by 3.8x on average*.
Accessible entry point: Start with a minimum of just $50,000 USD, and deploy capital only when investment funds request it
Shield your wealth: PE and VC investments are less correlated to the markets
Transparency: Invest with no hidden fees and no upfront fees
*Source: StashAway, Bloomberg, Burgiss

Private Credit

Diversify your portfolio with access to best-in-class Private Credit
High yield potential in private markets: Private credit provides attractive risk-adjusted returns, filling the gap between equity and traditional corporate debt.
Accessible investment thresholds: Begin with an initial investment as low as $20,000 USD.
Enhanced portfolio diversification with lower market correlation: Like PE and VC, Private Credit investments exhibit lower correlation to public equity and debt markets, offering a buffer during market volatility.
Transparency: Straightforward fee model with no hidden charges and no upfront fees.

Angel Investing, in collaboration with XA Network

Get in on Southeast Asia’s booming startup action
Exclusive partnership: Invest in startups together with XA Network, a group of some of the most senior executives from Google, Grab, Netflix, and more
Diversified portfolio: Get exposure to 10 to 20 promising early-stage startups with a single investment
Accessible entry point: Start with annual investments as low as $20,000 USD
Transparency: Invest with no hidden fees and no upfront fees
Some of XA Network’s recent investments:
XA Network’s portfolio companies are also getting the backing from VC giants:

Crypto and traditional asset classes, all in one portfolio

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Crypto is here to stay. So it’s about time you can start including it in your General Investing portfolios. Just tell us what portion of your General Investing portfolio you want allocated to crypto, then we’ll keep your portfolio’s risk exposure in check.
Get crypto exposure through two high-quality, institutional-grade crypto ETFs
No need to create an exchange account or crypto wallet

Get to know your wealth better with your Wealth Advisor

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Our Wealth Advisors are certified and trained to make sure you get unbiased, comprehensive financial and investment advice.

Here are some of the sessions included when you join Reserve:
Yearly financial planning sessions to create and maintain your own financial plan
Bi-annual portfolio reviews
Access for a chat at any time for whatever you might need

Speak to a dedicated Wealth Advisor

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Start building your wealth differently

Everything is accessible with a touch of your fingertips on your mobile app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

StashAway Reserve is a private wealth management offering designed only for Accredited Investors. With Reserve, clients can access private equity, venture capital, angel investing, crypto, and choose from a wide range of wealth advisory services.

To become a Reserve client, you have to register as an Accredited Investor and invest $250,000 SGD with StashAway, or intend to have at least that much invested within 6 months from when you express your interest to a Wealth Advisor. This amount can be in any of StashAway's portfolios, and it includes your future commitments to Reserve private market investment options.

The minimum amount you need to invest to be a Reserve client is $250,000 SGD. This amount can be in any of StashAway's portfolios, and includes your future commitments to Reserve private market investment options.Once you’re verified as an Accredited Investor, you’ll have a 6-month grace period to invest at least $250,000 SGD. Throughout this grace period, you’ll have access to try Reserve’s offering.

Once you become a Reserve client, you’ll be assigned a Wealth Advisor whom you can reach out for consultations at any time via Whatsapp, email or phone.

Additionally, you get dedicated consultations with your Wealth Advisor.

Wealth discovery session - we’ll get to know you and your financial picture so that we can come up with the right next steps.

In this 1-hour chat, we’ll discuss:

  • Your current financial situation - including income, savings, investments, and other components that make up your financial picture
  • Your short-term and long-term financial goals and objectives
  • Any preferences or hopes you have for your investments
  • Risk profile assessment
  • And anything else that you think might be relevant

A holistic financial planning session - we'll build and create a financial plan over two sessions.

What we’ll go over in your 6-month review:

  • Your portfolio’s performance
  • Any changes that came up recently that could impact your portfolio strategy
  • The progress you’ve made towards your goal(s)
  • Any additional opportunities for your portfolio

You can meet your Wealth Advisor as often as you need to. Your Wealth Advisor can also offer more in-depth sessions once or twice a year. For example, financial planning sessions happen on a yearly basis, and portfolio reviews happen twice a year.

The grace period is the 6-month window that allows you to access Reserve before meeting the minimum requirement of $250,000 SGD in investments and/or commitments to future investments in private market options.

There are a couple of ways one can start the grace period.

  1. As a trial of Reserve – for verified Accredited Investors who would like to try Reserve, but have not yet met the minimum requirement. You will be granted the grace period if you express your interest to a Wealth Advisor.
  2. As an existing Reserve client when the value of net deposits and total assets drop below $250,000 SGD. Then you’re granted the grace period to increase your investments back to at least that amount.

There are a couple of ways one can end the grace period.

  1. When you invest at least $250,000 SGD and then get unlimited access to Reserve
  2. When you don’t meet the minimum investment amount of $250,000 SGD by the end of your grace period. You’d then lose access to Reserve, along with the ability to make any new Reserve private market investments.

Only StashAway Reserve clients can invest in crypto, Reserve’s private market investments, and access Wealth Advisory services.

Wealth Advisory

We don’t charge any fees for Reserve or our Wealth Advisory services.

Angel Investing

There are only two fees you’ll need to pay: a management fee and a performance fee. StashAway shares a portion of both fees with XA Network.

StashAway charges a management fee, and it applies only when your funds get invested in startups. For the first 5 years, there is a 2% annual management fee on the invested funds. From year 6 to 10, the annual management fee will be reduced to 1%. If there is a liquidity event or the startup discontinued its operations, we will no longer charge a management fee. The management fee is calculated daily and charged quarterly from the StashAway Angel Investing account.

On investment profits, StashAway charges a 20% performance fee. The investment profit is calculated by subtracting the invested funds from the total returns, and will be charged upon a successful exit per startup you’ve been invested in. For example, if you invested $5,000 USD in startup A, it’s share value increased to $50,000 USD throughout time, then your investment profit will be $36,000 USD after accounting for $9,000 USD of performance fees.

Private equity and venture capital (PE and VC)

StashAway charges an annual management fee of 1% on your committed capital. We do not charge any fees on your annual budget.

Then, there are the fees charged by the fund managers. These include, but are not limited to, entry, admin, management fees. They might add up to anywhere between 1.0%-3.0%. There’s also a performance fee charged by the fund manager and they usually range between 10% to 20% depending on the fund. Performance fee is only charged on any profits that you make with your PE and VC investments.


The management fee for our General Investing portfolio applies even when you include crypto in your General Investing Portfolio. See pricing.

Yes, for each friend you refer who joins StashAway Reserve, you both receive 10% off the management fees on private equity, venture capital and angel investing. The more friends you refer, the more you save.

Simply share your personal referral link with your friend, and let them know to use it when signing up with StashAway Reserve.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Your friend must sign-up as a new user with StashAway via your unique referral link and get verified as an Accredited Investor.
  2. Your friend must invest in any of StashAway portfolios.
  3. The 10% discount is valid for 1 year from the date of referral.
  4. The 10% discount applies to angel investing, private equity and venture capital.
  5. The 10% discount stacks – the more you refer, the more discount you get.
  6. For your friend to get the 10% discount, he/she must invest in private equity, venture capital, or angel investing within 30 days of signing up.