StashAway Simple ™ Plus

Earn 4.9% yield to maturity* with Simple Plus

Earn on any amount. No minimum, no maximum, no rules. Just a Simple way to grow your cash. 
* Last updated 25 August 2023.

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Earn 4.9% yield to maturity* with Simple Plus

It’s Simpler to grow your cash than you think.

How you can use Simple Plus

  • Invest the Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS) funds
  • Prepare for an expense (e.g. home renovation in 1.5 years)
  • Set aside for investments 
How you can use Simple Plus

Simple Plus in a nutshell

  • No minimum balance
  • No cap on the balance that can earn returns
  • No investment, insurance, or salary requirements
  • No restrictions on withdrawals or transfers
  • Set up in seconds! No paperwork


Simple Plus in a nutshell

Simple Plus

Yield to maturity


Management fee
0.2% p.a. 

Ultra-low risk.
Understand the risks here.

Underlying funds

  • 20% LionGlobal SGD Enhanced Liquidity Fund
  • 35% Nikko AM Shenton Short Term Bond Fund
  • 45% LionGlobal Short Duration Bond Fund

Lock-in period
None, but we do not recommend less than 12 months.

Currency denomination

Simple Plus

What is the volatility of Simple Plus?

Here's how Simple Plus compares to some other alternatives in terms of volatility. 

Simple Guaranteed

Earns a guaranteed rate with no market volatility, however is subject to underlying bank risk. 

Other options: fixed deposit


Doesn't carry any market volatility, but the projected rate is influenced by interest rate movements.

Other options: cash funds, T-bills, Singapore Savings Bonds.

Simple Plus

Can experience short-term volatility in pursuit for higher returns than Simple.

Other options: short-term bond funds.


Offer stable income but can be influenced by changing interest rates and market sentiment, leading to some volatility.

Other options: Flexible Portfolios.

Equity ETFs

Track stock market indexes, exposing them to the higher market volatility.

Other options: Flexible Portfolios, General Investing.


Simple Plus
Yield to maturity before fees
Net fee charged by underlying fund managers, including quarterly rebates*
0.19% p.a.
StashAway management fee
0.2% p.a.
Yield to maturity after all fees

*We return to you 100% of the rebates that we receive from the fund managers for Simple Plus.

Two ways to invest


Ensure your cash is working harder for you! No need to jump through any complex hoops, set up in a few minutes and start earning the yield to maturity.


Save on taxes and maximise your retirement savings when you grow your Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS) funds in Simple Plus.

Other strategies to grow your cash

Explore a few other ways to grow cash.

Earn a projected 3.6% p.a. on any amount. No minimum, no maximum, no rules. Just a Simple way to grow your cash.
Simple Guaranteed
Earn a guaranteed rate of 3.6% p.a. on any amount with a lock-in of 6 months.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Simple Plus is an ultra-low risk portfolio suitable for a mid to long term holding period. The average monthly drawdown for Simple Plus is -0.14% as of July 2023.

When constructing Simple Plus, the portfolio is optimised for risk-reward ratio. That means the portfolio simultaneously provides you with the best rate possible and protects the downside of your cash.

We construct the portfolio using a mix of reputable, high-quality short and ultra-short duration bond funds with proven track records. The average monthly drawdown for Simple Plus is -0.14% as of July 2023.

The minimal, yet calculable, risk comes from:

  • Allocation to short duration bonds in the mix which makes the portfolio slightly more sensitive to interest rate movements and economic conditions. 
  • Some underlying funds having a time to maturity and duration, and higher credit risk. The average maturity of the bonds is 1.5 years which means that their full yield is paid out in that time frame. 

Because of these factors, we ​​recommend you hold your cash in Simple Plus for at least 12 months in order to reap the maximum benefits of higher rates while keeping risk in check.

Both Simple and Simple Plus are cash management portfolios. Both have no minimum balance, no cap on the balance that can earn returns, no investment, insurance, or salary requirements, no restrictions on withdrawals or transfers. Simple Guaranteed too! Except there’s a lock-in of 6 months.

However, there are some fundamental differences between the three portfolios. 

  • The rate: Simple provides a projected rate; an estimate of expected actual returns. 
    Simple Plus provides the yield to maturity, which is the total return anticipated on a bond if held until maturity, inclusive of the interest payments you’ll receive and any difference in the current price of the bond versus its maturity price (which is the same at the point it is issued).  
    Simple Guaranteed’s rate is the most straightforward – it’s guaranteed.
  • Risk: Both Simple and Simple Plus are ultra-low risk. However, Simple Plus carries slightly more risk in comparison to Simple. This is because it exposes the investor to a slightly higher level risk in order to seek slightly higher returns. What does this “slightly higher risk” mean for an investor? Well, in the span of a year, there is the potential for brief periods of slightly negative returns in the short term, and the same can be said for brief periods of exceptional returns (exceptional for cash management options, of course). Read more on the comparison of the risk of the two portfolios here. Simple Guaranteed has no exposure to market volatility, but is subject to underlying bank risk.
  • Recommended holding period: How long you want to keep your cash in Simple is entirely up to you, be it a day, a month or a year. However, with Simple Plus, there’s the potential for brief periods of slightly negative (and positive!) returns in the short term, therefore to reap the full benefit of the rate while keeping risk in check, we do recommend a holding period of at least 12 months. Read more about why here. Simple Guaruanteed in contrast has a 6 month lock-in period.
  • Management fees: StashAway charges a management fee of 0.15% for Simple, and 0.2% for Simple Plus. There’s no management fee for Simple Guaranteed. And all rates for the three portfolios are net of fees! 

We encourage you to invest in Simple Plus with a view of holding it there for 12 months or longer, so you don’t have to sell at a loss when faced with short-term volatility, and to allow the funds time to reach their average target yield.

The current YTM is not a guaranteed rate, and is only a snapshot from the underlying bonds in the funds at a given time. Future returns also include the price fluctuations of these bonds. Because of this, there may be situations where overall returns are below or above YTM.

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