We don't need to be a bank to keep your money secure

...but you might still be wondering what this new fund manager is all about

We have a CMS license from MAS. That means we are regulated strictly as both a fund manager and a financial advisor.

We built the company with the foundation of making sure clients' money is always safe. The regulatory environment in Singapore is incredibly diligent in protecting investors' interests. We report quarterly to the MAS to demonstrate that we are always meeting the high capital requirements, and that we are managing funds and the company in our clients’ best interest.

Consider this:

We received our Capital Market Services License for Retail Fund Management by the Monetary Authority of Singapore in May 2017.

We have an experienced team that knows how to build businesses efficiently, effectively, and honestly.

As of July 2019, we've raised $20.4 million USD in four funding rounds for our operations.

StashAway has raised $20.4 million USD to fund its operations

This money pays our:

  • Rent
  • Salaries
  • Bills

This means your money remains untouched and safe in:

  • A DBS Trust Account for when we first receive your deposits
  • A Custodian Account via Saxo Capital Markets for your securities

Even in a bankruptcy event, funds held in a trust or custodian account cannot be touched, as they belong to the customer – not to StashAway.

This is investing, redefined.

Start investing to take control of your financial future.

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