StashAway Term Life

StashAway Term Life is a group term life insurance policy underwritten by Prudential Assurance Company Singapore (Pte) Ltd.

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Life insurance should have one job: Protect your loved ones.

Many life insurance products have investment components, yet these investment components drive up the policy premiums due to the complexity of the products and heavy layering of fees. With StashAway Term Life, there’s no investment component. You pay just for the coverage you need so that you can put the rest of your money to work in cost-efficient investments.

  • Coverage up to $500,000 SGD
  • Coverage for death
  • Coverage for total and permanent disability

Insurance doesn’t have to lock you in

StashAway Term Life is a yearly renewable policy that gives you the flexibility that your life demands. This way, it can be your solution for long-term coverage, something to cover short-term needs, or a supplement to your existing coverage.

Get coverage without a medical check

We’ll ask you just 6 questions about your health when you apply. Getting insurance really can be that easy.

Terms and conditions apply. Check out the Product Summary for more details.

Access your policy at your fingertips

No paperwork required. Download the StashAway app to apply for your coverage under StashAway Term Life, and manage your insurance and investments all in one place.


Be protected by one of Singapore’s leading insurance companies

StashAway Term Life is a policy owned by StashAway. It’s underwritten by Prudential, who has a strong AA- rating from the world’s leading credit rating agency. 


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