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Earn income in any market condition

Often, income products in the marketplace come with a lot of risk to your principal, and ultimately, your total return. The reality is that there are ways to earn income while maintaining the integrity of your principal and minimising your risk. Our diversified Income Portfolio in SGD sources your income from government bonds, corporate bonds, REITs, and stocks not only to generate income more reliably, but also to earn returns through various market and economic conditions.

Income Portfolio overview

  • Projected income


    *Medium-term projections based on current economic conditions. This can vary over time, depending on market conditions.

  • Projected net return


    *Medium-term projections based on current economic conditions, and assumes you reinvest your payouts instead of withdrawing them.

  • StashAway Risk Index

  • Recommended duration

    3 to 5 years

  • Currency denomination


  • Minimum account balance

    $10,000 SGD

How retirement planning works with StashAway

  • Diversified income sources

    Did you know, in addition to bonds, REITs and dividend stocks can also generate income? Bonds, REITs, and stocks each generate income and earn returns in different market and economic environments. We built a unique portfolio of ETFs that dynamically work together to grow and protect your investments through changing market and economic conditions.

  • Singapore-focused

    By investing solely in Singapore-based assets, you can meet your SGD income needs with our Income Portfolio. 

  • Long-term durability with ERAA®

    As with all of our portfolios, the Income Portfolio’s asset allocation intelligently accounts for and adjusts in the face of new economic conditions, based on the ERAA® framework. This way, it can deliver quality income and capital appreciation even through market volatility and changing economic conditions.

  • Investment-grade risk

    Our system manages your Income Portfolio to maintain a StashAway Risk Index of 12% (translation: with this balanced portfolio, you have a 1% chance of losing more than 12% of your capital). 

No hidden fees.

No kidding.

Subscription fee$0
Switching fee$0
Rebalancing fee$0
Re-optimisation fee$0
DurationWe recommend 3 to 5 years, but there's no lock-up, so you decide
Annual management fee0.2% - 0.8% per annum
Fees charged by the ETF managerApprox. 0.4% per annum