Generate income with less hassle

Invest in a portfolio that generates passive income for you through various market conditions.
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We’re licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore

(License no. CMS100604).

Keep earning even when the market changes

Income products in the market often come with higher risks to your money and returns. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

To protect your investment, we’ve built a unique portfolio that sources your income from government bonds, corporate bonds, REITs, and stocks that dynamically work together to grow through ups and downs.

Funds we invest in

At a glance

StashAway Risk Index


Recommended investment duration

3 to 5 years



Minimum investment


Your portfolio is always in good hands

As with all of our portfolios, our ERAA® framework makes sure to adjust your Income Portfolio’s asset allocation in the face of new economic conditions. You’ll get quality income and capital appreciation even through market volatility and uncertainty.

The welcome addition to your income plan

It’s not your main source of income and it’s not your day job either.

Your portfolio is a supplement to your current income strategy.

What will you do with your income?


Invest your dividends and yields if you’re looking for a reliable, low-risk way to grow a pocket of your money.


Cash out your dividends when they reach a minimum monthly amount of $20 SGD. You can use it to pay for your bills or any other expenses. There’s no lock-up with our Income Portfolio, so you have access to your money anytime.

No hidden fees.
No kidding.

Subscription fee

Switching fee

Rebalancing fee

Re-optimisation fee

StashAway management fee

0.2% - 0.8% p.a.

Fees charged by ETF manager

Approx. 0.4% p.a.

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