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What if I forgot to include the transfer reference code when I made a deposit?

If the deposit was from an account under your name, we should be able to manually link it to your StashAway account.

Once we receive it, we will send you a email confirmation, either today (for manual linking, if we receive your funds before 2pm) or tomorrow. After this, you can expect to see your funds invested within 1-2 business days. If you do not receive that email within the next business day, you can reach out to us at, call us at +65 6248 0889 or Whatsapp us at +65 9467 2416.

To avoid this issue for future transfers, kindly log onto your online banking platform and delete us as a payee first. When you re-add us as a payee, please include your unique reference code in My Initials/ Your Initials/ Reference field as part of payee setup

Once this is done, subsequent deposits will reflect your unique reference code. We are then able to link your funds to your StashAway account promptly, expediting the investment process.

You can also view our transfer instruction by going to your mobile app and clicking Transfer > Put money in> Personal Account> Edit your deposit Plan > Deposit Instructions

For the web app, you can click the Manage Deposits tab> Personal Account> Edit your deposit Plan > Deposit Instructions

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