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Investing is more than just about money. It’s about planting the seeds for your future and watching your goals flourish. From your smallest moments to your biggest dreams, we provide cash and investing solutions to help make every dollar count.

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We’re licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (Licence no. CMS100604).

Investing made <br/> for real life

We take cues from real life

It's not just about numbers. It's about understanding real-life aspirations, choices, and challenges. We make investing easy so that you can focus on the things that count. 

Risk Tailored, Returns Maximised

Bold, cautious or anything in between, you decide on the risk that works for you. We tailor risk to maximise returns ensuring your investment mirrors your unique comfort level.

Here at every step

Our app is available whenever you need it. But we get it—sometimes, you just need to hear a voice, and we ensure that there's always someone you can talk to.

Why StashAway

  • Easy investing on autopilot managed by experts; or customise your portfolio.
  • No minimums or maximum amounts, earn returns on any amount.
  • Fair, transparent fees. Unlimited free transfers and withdrawals.
  • Investments at your fingertips, in our app, with real people to answer your questions.
  • Best of all, we tell you like it is. No jargon, no fuss, just simple, straightforward investing. 

Our investment solutions

Expert-Managed Portfolios
Long-term, professionally-managed, well-diversified investment portfolios.
Customised Portfolios
Customise your own portfolios by picking your assets and adjusting their allocations.
Cash management solutions
Explore ultra-low-risk cash management portfolios tailored to maximise your cash growth with flexibility.

Your money in safe hands

Life’s ups and downs require an investment approach grounded in trust.

We are MAS-licensed and work only with MAS-licensed partners. Your funds are held in a trust or custodian account, safeguarding them from unforeseen events. Our secure server infrastructure and two-factor authentication means that your data is protected.

Portfolio Type

Risk level


Lower Risk

Higher risk



Annualised since Inception


This is how a $100,000 deposit would have grown over time

Projected returns are for illustration purposes only. We calculate these returns before fees. All returns are in SGD terms unless otherwise specified. The inception date for portfolios with SRI 6.5%, 8%, 10%, 12%, 14%, 16%, 18%, and 20% is 19 July 2017; the inception date for portfolios with SRIs of 26%, 30%, and 36% is 16 August 2018; the inception date for the portfolio with SRI 22% is 15 August 2019. Past performance is not a guarantee for future returns. Before investing, investors should carefully consider investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses, and if need be, seek independent professional advice. Our investment framework's goal isn't to beat the markets every day. In fact, depending on how much risk you decide to take, you'll likely still experience short-term volatility at times. But, through those bumps, your StashAway portfolios can recover more quickly compared to investments with the same risk level that don't maximise returns. The end result? The opportunity for less painful drawdowns in the short term, and stronger performance in the medium to long term.

Don't just take our word, hear from others

Loving StashAway. I use Simple to flow funds in and then dollar cost average into the long term portfolio. The customer service has been very quick and exceptional! Highly recommend👍🏻
From Google Play Store
Invested in Simple for more than 1 year and enjoying the returns that are better than a regular current savings account. Minimal risk exposure and ease of mind. Importantly the portfolio is simple!
I’ve been investing since February 2021 and it’s been a useful way to keep my backup funds.
Manager at Pharma company
Stable returns, an automated flow that makes regular deposits easy. It saves me time.
Creative Designer
Easy to use, suitable for periodic DCA. It allows one to customize based on investment themes. I personally think the money market product (Simple) is a good parking facility for idle cash.
From Google Play Store
Easy to use. Like StashAway Simple, interest rate better than FD.
From Google Play Store
Stashaway Simple has really been a good investment for me as a starter. Although the returns are not really ideal for those who seeks for higher profits, but I feel happy seeing the numbers growing bit by bit.
From Google Play Store
I’m using Simple for 4 months. It’s very convenient, has good returns and the app makes my life easy!
Customer service

We’ve made it easy for you to invest

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Sign up via Singpass or with your email address, then set up your profile.
Choose a portfolio
Find a portfolio you like and select the risk level you prefer.
Fund your investment
Choose to fund your portfolio through dollar-cost averaging or a one-time transfer. We’ll invest your money within 1 – 3 business days.
Monitor your performance
Keep an eye on your investments wherever you are.

We work with some of the world’s top fund managers

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What do you want to do with your money?

Wherever you are in your investment journey, we have the investment options you need to grow into your investments.

StashAway Simple™ Cash

Your cash can work smarter for you. Earn 3.7%-4.5% p.a. on your cash with no minimum or maximum amount.

Flexible Portfolios

Customise your own portfolios by picking your assets and adjusting their allocations.

General Investing powered by StashAway

Keep your risk constant in any economic condition while also optimising for long-term returns

Thematic Portfolios

Invest in major trends that you believe will shape the future.

General Investing powered by BlackRock®

Get broad market exposure with our most diversified portfolio yet, with insights from one of the world's largest asset managers.

Invest your SRS Funds

Get immediate tax savings and boost your retirement savings when you invest your SRS funds in our portfolios.

Responsible Investing with ESG

Keep your risk constant in any economic condition while also optimising for both long-term returns and ESG impact.

Income Portfolio

Earn income in SGD from government bonds, corporate bonds, REITs, and stocks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For SGD deposits, there is no minimum deposit amount required.

However, for USD deposits, there is a minimum deposit amount of $10,000 USD per deposit.

You have full discretion on how much and when you want to invest, including no minimum balance to maintain the account. You may also skip a month or two, resume, and withdraw whenever you wish. All without incurring charges or penalties.

*Note : For Income portfolio, there is a minimum balance required of SGD10,000.

Yes; StashAway has a Capital Market Services License for Retail Fund Management from the Monetary Authority of Singapore. This means that we have been compliant and met the criteria of the highest standards. We have been audited, and provide full disclosure.

Our License (Asia Wealth Platform Pte. Ltd. is our legal entity)

The annual management fee is calculated as a percentage of the total assets under management, ranging from 0.2% - 0.8%, and is charged monthly on a pro-rata basis. i.e if you invested on the 15th of a particular month, we will not charge you for the first 15 days. 

The other fee included is the low fee associated with the ETFs, averaging 0.15% - 0.25%.

Additionally, for non-USD deposits to USD portfolios, our vendor will apply the current interbank rates for all currency conversions, ensuring the lowest cost possible.

Unlike most traditional financial managers, we do not (and never will) charge for withdrawals or account closures. More details on how StashAway can charge low fees can be found here.

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