StashAway Academy for Continuing Professional Development

Representatives of financial institutions can fulfil their annual Supplementary Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements with StashAway Academy seminars, subject to their compliance team’s approval. We can provide a Certificate of Attendance that you can provide to your company for the CPD hours approval. To confirm your attendance, simply inform a StashAway representative at the end of the seminar that you attended.

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Basic Courses

  • Financial Planning Basics

    Course outline and objectives:

    • Understanding the financial planning process
    • How to take inventory of your financial assets and liabilities
    • Setting up a budget that reflects your current and future priorities
    • Specifying and prioritizing your financial goals
    • Assessing the cost of your financial goals
    • Developing and implementing a financial plan
    • Identifying alternative courses of action
    • Setting up cost-effective safety nets for you and your loved ones
  • Investing Basics

    Course outline and objectives:

    • Understanding the differences between various asset classes
    • Understanding the relationship between risk and return
    • What a balanced financial portfolio should look like
    • Factors to consider when making an investment decision
    • Understanding your personal risk preferences and timeline
    • The impact of fees on your investment returns
    • Do-it-yourself investing versus having a portfolio manager
    • Dollar-cost Averaging versus timing the market

Intermediate Courses

  • How to Invest (The Right Way) with ETFs

    Course outline and objectives:

    • Differences between asset allocation and securities selection
    • Understanding ETFs and their benefits
    • ETFs versus Unit Trusts
    • Evaluating ETFs to decide which ETFs to invest in
    • Why ETFs fit into a passive investment strategy
    • Modern Portfolio Theory and how to build an efficient portfolio
    • Economic environment, asset classes, and returns
    • Optimising your financial portfolio for maximised returns
  • How to Plan for Your Retirement

    Course outline and objectives:

    • How does your retirement fit into your current financial plan
    • Calculating the amount of money you will need for your retirement 
    • Identifying sources of income for your retirement
    • Using your savings to prepare for retirement
    • Understanding the Central Provident Fund
    • Understanding the benefits Supplementary Retirement Scheme

Advanced Courses

  • A Deep Dive into StashAway’s Asset Allocation Investment Framework

    Course outline and objectives: 

    • Understanding the 4 economic regimes as defined within ERAA®, StashAway’s Investment Framework
    • Understanding expected returns of different asset classes in different economic conditions
    • Understanding how ERAA® determines a reoptimization of the portfolios
    • Understanding what happens when the ERAA® Risk Shield is activated
    • Making sense of economic data
    • Differences between asset allocation and securities selection
    • The StashAway Risk Index and StashAway’s emphasis on risk-management 
    • Valuation adjustments because of an overvaluation or undervaluation in a particular asset class
  • What is your Financial Plan B?

    Course outline and objectives:

    • What’s a financial Plan B and how is it different from Plan A
    • Building your own financial Plan B
    • Building and using your emergency fund
    • Understanding the role of insurance in a Plan B
    • Estate planning, Wills, and Trusts
    • Understanding what happens when someone passes away Intestate
    • Importance of having a CPF nomination
    • Determining the need for a Lasting Power of Attorney and an Advanced Medical Directive