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How do I deposit funds into my StashAway account?

Simply add us to your payee list in your online bank, with your unique reference code (found in your StashAway account, under Transfer > Transfer Information) entered as My Initials/ Your Initials/ Description as part of the payee setup. Subsequently, set up a one-time and/or a recurring deposit, following the deposit plans you have set in your portfolio(s).

Please note that when you deposit SGD, there will be a currency conversion fee (SGD-USD) charged by our broker, Saxo, at the spot rate + 0.08%.

For USD deposits there is a minimum amount of US$10,000 per deposit.

If you would like to make a deposit in other currencies, kindly note that it will be converted to SGD first, before being converted to USD for investment, at the bank's rate.

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