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How do I prepare for a claim? Do I need to nominate a beneficiary?

No, you don’t need to nominate a beneficiary after you purchase StashAway Term Life. Here’s how you can be prepared to make a claim:
  • Download and print out all documents related to your policy. They can be found in the mobile app:
    • Certificate of Insurance 
    • Policy Summary
    • Claim forms 
  • Let your next-of-kin or family know where to find the documents listed above, which could be in a physical safebox, or a secure folder online. 
  • Explain to your next-of-kin or family how to make a claim: First, email the completed claim form and proof of Death or Total and Permanent Disability to Then, they can expect to hear back from Prudential  Assurance Company Singapore (Pte) Ltd within 14 days.

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