Referral Programme

What is it?

  • Want to get your funds invested for free? You're in the right place!
  • For every friend that you refer and who funds their account, both of you are entitled to a 6-month management fee waiver, for up to $10,000 SGD of assets under management.
  • If you refer 2 friends and they both invest at least $1 SGD, $20,000 SGD of your assets under management would be managed for free for 6 months. 3 friends, $30,000 SGD; and so on.


Is there a limit?

  • Refer as many people as you like! We don't have a limit for the number of people you refer.



  • Your account must be funded (any amount).
  • Your referee must not have an existing account.
  • Your referee must sign-up via the referral link.
  • After your referee's registration, your referee's account needs to be funded within 30 days.


How to refer a friend

  • Log in to your StashAway account.
  • Click "Refer a friend" on the top of the page.
  • Copy your individual link, and send it to your friend(s) via email, SMS, or your favourite social media platform.
  • When your invited friend(s) register using your link and fund his/her account within 30 days, both of you have qualified for the referral programme.
  • Track your referee(s)' progress by looking at "Your Referral History" in "Refer a friend" section.
Privacy Notice and Consent
  • Both referrer and referee must have an account with StashAway to enjoy the benefits of this Referral Programme.
  • This Referral programme is part of the service that StashAway provides to its customers and both referrer and referee will have agreed to the Privacy Notice, for StashAway to use their personal information as part of this service. 
  • The referee has agreed that in signing up with StashAway via this program that their full name will be shared with the referrer for progress tracking purposes.
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