Where can I make SRS investments?

There is a wide range of financial vehicles into which you can invest your SRS funds once you open an SRS account. These vehicles include stocks, bonds, fixed deposits, unit trusts, and annuity plans. StashAway is one of the many providers of SRS investment options .

What’s most important is that you are investing your SRS funds at all. If you leave your SRS funds sitting in the SRS bank account, they are earning a mere 0.05% per annum, so they’re getting eaten up by inflation if you don’t invest them.

Check out how much more money you can earn over the long term if you invest:

If you contribute the full $15,300 SGD per annum every year for 20 years, that would be worth $306,000 SGD after 20 years. But, if you invested it and earned 5% net returns per annum, you'd earn $504,850 SGD in 20 years. If you contributed the max amount for 30 years, you'd have $459,000 in savings, but again, if you invested those contributions each year and earned 5% net returns per annum, you’d have $1,003,436 SGD in 30 years.