What is the Customer Knowledge Assessment (CKA) and how does it affect me?

The Customer Knowledge Assessment (CKA) is for us to assess whether you have the relevant knowledge or experience to invest in unlisted Specified Investment Products (SIPs), which include unit trusts.

Based on your answers, if we assess that you have the relevant knowledge or experience, then you are able to invest in unlisted SIPs, such as unit trusts, on your own, and you will also be able to select a risk preference of your choice for your StashAway portfolio.


On the other hand, if we assess that you do not have the relevant knowledge or experience, you may still invest in unlisted SIPs, but due to regulatory requirements, you will require the help of a financial advisor. As a financial advisor, StashAway will recommend a maximum StashAway Risk Index (SRI) suitable for you based on the information you have provided us (e.g., risk preference, investing experience). You may proceed to invest in unlisted SIPs after receiving a recommended maximum SRI.


You may exceed this recommended maximum SRI if you choose to, however, you must acknowledge the following:

  • StashAway has offered me financial advice
  • I have decided not to accept this financial advice
  • I am responsible for my decision to choose other portfolios and their accompanying risks, despite StashAway's advice
  • In the case of a negative return on my portfolio, I will not be able to rely on Section 27 of the Financial Advisers Act to file a civil claim against StashAway or iFAST


You will need to go through this acknowledgement process for every deposit plan you create for your Retire on Time Unit Trust Portfolios. Once you have completed at least 6 transactions in your portfolio, you will be deemed to have passed your CKA and we will no longer require this acknowledgement from you.

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