Where do dividends go?

Portfolios with Dividends Automatically Reinvested:

- General Investing Portfolios powered by StashAway

- General Investing Portfolios powered by BlackRock

- Goal-Based Investment Portfolios

- Thematic Portfolios

- Responsible Investing Portfolios

Portfolios with the Option to Withdraw or Reinvest Dividends:

- Flexible Portfolios

- Income Portfolio

For Flexible Portfolios, your portfolio must generate a minimum of $15 USD (approximately $20 SGD) in monthly dividend payouts. For Income Portfolios, the minimum requirement is $20 SGD. This means that any amount earned in your portfolio below these respective thresholds will not be immediately withdrawn to your bank but will be automatically reinvested in your portfolio.

Please note that payouts are only available to a local Singaporean bank account. Payouts to your SRS account are only possible if you initially funded that portfolio with the same SRS account.