How are my returns calculated?

We display Total Returns, Time-weighted Returns, and Money-weighted Returns. The multiple ways of viewing your returns give you the flexibility to understand the performance of your individual portfolio(s) depending on how you wish to evaluate your portfolio(s).

What is Total Return?

Total Return is the simple return of all your portfolios’ returns in the currency terms you select to display.

What is Time-weighted Return?

Time-weighted Return (TWR) is commonly-used in the financial industry, making it an easy metric to compare returns between different portfolio managers. TWR measures the portfolio manager’s ability to generate returns, not the effects of an investor’s deposit and withdrawal behaviours. It does this by tracking performance from the first deposit made into a portfolio.

What is Money-weighted Return?

Money-weighted Return helps to gauge the effectiveness of an investor’s timing of deposits and withdrawals. It does this by including the effects of multiple cash flows by assigning a weight to each of your deposits and withdrawals. In other words, a deposit or withdrawal of $1,000 SGD has a lesser effect on your portfolio’s return figure than a deposit or withdrawal of $100,000 SGD. 

To learn more, read our article on how we calculate returns.