How should I choose between General Investing powered by BlackRock® and General Investing powered by StashAway?

All General Investing portfolios available on StashAway are suitable for long-term investors. They are designed to outperform their respective benchmarks in the long term.

So how are the General Investing portfolios different?

In the pursuit of long-term returns, the objective of General Investing and Responsible Investing powered by StashAway is to keep a portfolio’s risk constant so that the investor is never overexposed to risk when seeking returns. What this could mean is that a StashAway-powered portfolio might behave better or worse than market conditions at times in order to keep risk constant.

In contrast, General Investing powered by BlackRock® provides an investor broader exposure to the market, which results in an investing experience that generally follows the ups and downs of the markets.

So which one should you have?

You may want to ask yourself whether you prefer a risk-first approach or a strategy that follows the markets. Given that they have different approaches to achieving long-term results, some clients may prefer to diversify their investment strategies by having both.

Remember, whichever you choose, these are long-term investment strategies. Successful investing depends on deposit behaviour, so we highly recommend dollar-cost averaging to get the most out of any General Investing portfolio.

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