What’s the difference between Income Investing, Singapore Investing, and the Flexible Portfolios Passive Income template?

Income Investing is a globally diversified fixed income portfolio built to provide regular and stable dividend payouts. It is well-suited for investors looking for reliable income. This is a portfolio managed by StashAway. 

Singapore Investing (formerly: Income Portfolio) is a portfolio that provides irregular dividend payments in addition to capital appreciation. This is due to its investment in a diverse range of Singapore-based asset classes. This is a portfolio managed by StashAway. 

The Passive Income templates which are available as part of StashAway’s Flexible Portfolios are prebuilt with dividend-paying bonds but allow you to customise asset allocation according to your preferences. Payouts are irregular (in alignment with fund manager timelines) and distributed at a minimum of $20 USD. They are well-suited for more experienced investors looking for customisation. This is not a managed portfolio which means StashAway will not reoptimise your asset allocation at any point in time.