Earn passive income

Earn a payout target of 4–6% p.a. with a USD-based, globally-diversified fixed income portfolio.
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Earn passive income your way

Choose from 2 passive income portfolios


Stable Income

High Income

Payout target
(as of March 2023)
4-5%* p.a.
5-6%* p.a.
Historical Max Drawdown
until 30 June 2023
until 30 June 2023

Asset class allocation for our Passive Income portfolios

Passive Income allocation pie chart

What will you do with your income?

Why earn passive income now?

Here’s why investing in fixed-income assets, such as bonds, makes sense.

Bond yields are at decade-highs

Interest rates are likely to stay high in 2023. High interest rates push up bond yields, meaning that bonds can provide investors with compelling yields at low risk.

Diversifies your portfolio

Fixed income assets, such as bonds, can offset some of the volatility of stocks in a balanced portfolio.

Generates income

Get periodic interest payment, which is especially beneficial now as short-term bond yields are at decade highs.

Preserves capital

The relative low risk of bonds helps preserve the value of your investments throughout market volatility.

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