Fractional Shares at StashAway

Freddy Lim
Freddy Lim

Co-founder and CIO

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StashAway is one of the few wealth platforms in the world to incorporate fractional shares into its portfolio management strategy. We justify the complexity and cost of implementing fractional shares in our strategy with the fact that fractional shares offer the flexibility, precision, diversification, and efficiency that ultimately enable us to introduce a game-changing investment strategy to every customer, irrespective of their wealth.


We understand that each investment goal, be it a retirement plan or savings toward children’s education, has a unique time horizon and specific risk-and-return profile. With fractional shares, we can personalise thousands of portfolios so that each one has the level of risk and returns it needs for you to reach your goal. No matter the portfolio value, the time horizon, or risk profile, we can provide high-quality investment management to serve your unique needs.


In addition to helping us provide you with portfolios of any size and structure based on the your needs, fractional shares also provide us the ability to deliver ultimate precision when we manage the unique portfolios we create. With fractional shares, we can invest every cent in a portfolio, leaving no spare cash; if we could only invest in whole shares, we would be unable to maximise the potential earnings for you.


Fractional shares provide access to high-priced shares that would otherwise be inaccessible without a large one-time deposit. By investing in a fraction of one of these expensive ETFs, you still gain the benefits of their diversification and exposure to the market. Fractional shares increase the number of ETFs that you are invested in, which directly increases the number of overall securities that you are exposed to.


In the case that you want to either withdraw from or add to your account, our technology can automatically trade fractional shares so that you can maintain your portfolio allocation. You don’t have to worry about disrupting your portfolio’s allocations when you withdraw an amount. Withdraw or add whatever amount you’d like, and we will automatically make sure that the new balance is invested efficiently.

A new investment strategy

By innovatively using investment tools, such as fractional shares, and leveraging advanced technology, StashAway is committed to delivering the most advanced investment options possible to all types of investors. 

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