How to Invest in Fixed Income in 2023

30 January 2023

What’s fixed income, how can I invest in it, and what’s the outlook for the asset class in 2023? If you’ve asked any of these questions, or want to learn more, join us in our live, in-person event!

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Join Michele Ferrario, co-founder and CEO of StashAway, and Wee Lyn Low, Fixed Income Index Product Strategist at BlackRock at SGX auditorium. They’ll discuss:

  • Fixed income in the current market environment
  • How fixed income can be part of your diversification strategy
  • How to use ETFs to give you low-cost, liquid exposure to fixed income
  • The various types and sub asset classes of fixed income, such as government and corporate bonds
  • How you can start investing in fixed income

We’ll also be answering any of your questions about fixed income opportunities, so be sure to register!

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