Scammers have been impersonating StashAway on WhatsApp

18 March 2021

Over the last week, a group of scammers claiming to be from StashAway have been contacting people at random over WhatsApp. The perpetrators have been impersonating StashAway on WhatsApp and mass inviting individuals randomly into a WhatsApp Group.

Here’s what we know so far about the scam

  • On Sunday, 14 March, a few people, mostly who don’t even have StashAway accounts, reached out to alert us about this scam.
  • Immediately upon learning about the scam, our CTO and technology team investigated to ensure there were no data leaks on our end. They found no suspicious activity, and there is still absolutely no indication that there has been a data breach.
  • Given how many non-StashAway users have been contacted by the scammers, we’re confident that this is a situation of a malicious group impersonating us to contact people using details they retrieved elsewhere.
  • On Monday, 15 March, we made a police report, and also informed MAS. We also escalated this to WhatsApp and Facebook directly. As of Monday, fewer than 30 people had reached out to our support team.
  • Over the course of the week, it has become clear that the scam is becoming more widespread. We wanted to bring the scam to your attention just to remind you that the only way we’ll ever reach out to you is from one of our verified accounts.

How you can verify StashAway on WhatsApp

You can always check that it’s us on WhatsApp by looking out for WhatsApp’s green badge icon next to our contact name, StashAway. You'll also see a notification, saying: “This chat is with the official business account of “StashAway". Tap to learn more.” The green badge icon and notification indicate that the account belongs to our verified official WhatsApp number, +65 9877 0801. We’ll only ever contact you through this account.

How to verify whether a WhatsApp account is real or fake

If you think you’ve been contacted by any scammer, we encourage you to block the number and report it to WhatsApp, and not share any personal information.

As always, we’re here to answer any of your questions. You can call our client engagement team at +65 6958 1052, email us at, or WhatsApp us +65 9877 0801.

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