We’re raising Simple’s Projected Rate to 1.1% p.a.

13 May 2022
Stephanie Leung
CIO Office

For the latest projected rate on StashAway Simple™, click here.

From 13 May 2022, StashAway Simple™’s projected rate will be raised to 1.1% p.a.

StashAway Simple™ is our cash management portfolio that lets investors earn stable returns with ultra-low risk.

Why we’re raising Simple’s rate

Central banks around the world are starting to increase their interest rates to counter inflation. Simple’s returns are closely tied to the interest rates, so when the rates go up, so does Simple’s ability to earn more on cash.

After careful consideration, we’re revising StashAway Simple™’s projected rate upward to 1.1% p.a. as of 13 May 2022.

Simple hasn’t had a single month of negative returns 

Unlike other cash management options in the market, Simple hasn’t seen a single month of negative returns since its inception in 2019. This is because we designed Simple to deliver the best possible return with the lowest possible risk point.

With the current market volatility, it’s even more important to not expose your cash to unnecessary risk. Simple is an ultra-low risk cash management option that offers stable returns, ideal for growing your cash in a secure way.

Here are Simple's quarterly annualised returns for the last four quarters, with returns reinvested:

Simple Portfolio’s past returns as of May 2022 (table)

Simple’s actual annualised returns take into account the performance of the underlying funds, the fees charged by the fund managers, and any rebates from StashAway or the fund managers that are paid out at the end of each quarter. Past performance is not a guarantee for future returns. Last updated on 22 April 2022.

How we calculate StashAway Simple™’s projected rate

The math on the projected rate of returns is quite straightforward: StashAway Simple™ returns are the sum of the amortised yield from the underlying funds, minus fees charged by the fund managers, plus any rebates from the fund managers that are paid out at the end of each quarter.

Your returns with StashAway Simple™ = amortised yield of underlying funds - underlying fund manager’s fees + any rebates from the underlying fund manager

To determine the expected projected rate for Simple, our investment team reviews the past rate and expected rate with the underlying fund managers, and also assesses the economic environment. If there is a change in the projected rate, we’ll notify our clients, just as we’re doing now.

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