Achieving your goals is easier with low management fees

Fees matter.

See how much fees can affect your returns:

Additional returns with StashAway due to lower fees compared to a Unit Trust:

  • 5 yearsSGD 7,302

    additional returns

  • 10 yearsSGD 33,037

    additional returns

  • 30 yearsSGD 581,078

    additional returns

Based on 6% annualised return assumption; 6% is used for illustrative purpose only; there are no guarantees on returns and historical performance does not represent future returns.
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Lower fees, more benefits

StashAwayInvestment-linked insuranceUnit Trusts
Professional portfolio management
Risk management Sometimes
Personalised advice and financial planning SometimesSometimes
No entry fees Sometimes
Adjustment of your investment at any time at no cost
Automated portfolio rebalancing Sometimes
No lock-up and free withdrawals at any time Sometimes

Save on fees, earn more money

High fees add up over time and can significantly cut into your overall earnings. That’s why we charge low fees so that you can reach your goals faster.

Pricing ChartPricing Chart
Comparison of results of differing fees levels over 30 years. This graph is intended to illustrate the compounding effects of higher fees over a long period of time.
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