Investment Planning: Guide to Organising & Strategising Your Investment Goals

25 January 2024

When investing, especially in a dynamic market like Singapore, setting clear, actionable goals isn't just a wise strategy; it's an essential roadmap guiding you towards your financial aspirations. Organising these goals in a structured way, especially when considering how to invest, ensures a direct path to your financial objectives. This guide, aimed at those looking for strategies on investment planning, will help you structure your investment goals and introduce you to the solutions StashAway, a leading investment platform.

Importance of Organising Investment Goals

The investment journey, much like any other pursuit in life, benefits immensely from careful planning and organisation. Exploring structured investment goal planning reveals a goldmine of benefits, some of which are as follows:

  • Efficient Resource Allocation: With clear goals in place, you can allocate your resources – time, money, and effort – more efficiently. You can determine which investments deserve more attention and capital and which can be relegated to the background.
  • Proactive Risk Management: Organised goals provide a framework to assess potential investment risks proactively. By understanding your objectives and timelines, you can anticipate challenges and put in place strategies to navigate or even mitigate them.
  • Motivation and Persistence: Watching a structured plan come to fruition can be deeply gratifying. The very act of ticking off milestones can act as a motivating factor, pushing you to stay the course, especially during turbulent market phases.

Tips for Organising and Solutions from StashAway

1. Assessing your current financial situation

Before you embark on any investment journey, it's essential to understand where you stand financially. Gather comprehensive data about your income, monthly expenses, assets, and debts. Knowing your current status will allow you to manage your cash effectively, make adjustments and set feasible goals. This holistic financial snapshot doesn't just set the stage but dictates the pace of your investment journey.

2. Defining your investment objectives

Clarity precedes achievement. Before you can chase a dream, you must define it. Are you aspiring to travel the world when you retire? Or do you want to ensure your child's education at a world-renowned institution? Naming these objectives crystallises them, making them tangible targets rather than abstract wishes.

3. Categorising based on time horizon

Different goals require varying timeframes. Understanding the nuances of long-term vs short-term investing is crucial. Categorise your investment goals into short-term, medium-term, or long-term. StashAway's products are tailored to suit your timeline, helping to optimise potential returns.

For those targeting short-term aspirations, consider these StashAway products:

  • StashAway Simple™: With a projected yield of 3.7% p.a., Simple is the perfect fit for investors seeking an uncomplicated approach to growing their funds in the short term. Its ultra-low risk profile ensures peace of mind, especially for those wanting to stay away from market fluctuations.
  • StashAway Simple™ Plus: Boasting a 4.5% yield to maturity, this ultra-low risk option is tailored for individuals looking for the potential of higher returns with a slightly higher risk than StashAway Simple. It is an attractive choice for those wanting more from their money but can withstand some market volatility to get to it.

When thinking of absolute certainty, StashAway Simple™ Guaranteed stands out:

  • StashAway Simple™ Guaranteed: Designed for those with a preference for assured returns, Simple Guaranteed provides a sense of security. Investors can select from lock-in periods of 1, 3, 6, or 12 months, aligning with their liquidity preferences and earn up to 3.7% p.a.. This product is particularly appealing to those prioritising safety, willing to trade off immediate liquidity for the guarantee of a predetermined return.

4. Creating a visual roadmap

Transform your financial targets from abstract concepts to visual motivators. Whether you're a fan of corkboard vision boards dotted with images and numbers or prefer sleek digital apps that track each milestone, there's undeniable power in seeing your dreams take shape. These visuals not only serve as daily reminders but also as motivational boosts, especially when the journey gets challenging.

Whether you prefer traditional vision boards or modern digital tools, visualising your goals can provide motivation and clarity. By tracking your progress, you can celebrate milestones and make necessary adjustments.

5. Diversifying investments

'Don't put all your eggs in one basket' is a phrase that holds true in the investment world. Diversifying your investments is a proven strategy to mitigate risk. Depending on your goals, consider a mix of equities, bonds, and ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds), to strike a balance between risk and reward.

6. Tracking progress regularly

Setting goals is only part of the equation. Regularly reviewing and updating your investment objectives ensures you remain on the right path. Markets and personal circumstances evolve; by tracking your progress consistently, you can tweak your strategies and maintain alignment with your financial goals.

Invest with StashAway Simple, Simple Plus & Simple Guaranteed

Aligning your investment goals with the right investment product based on risk appetite and time horizon is paramount. StashAway provides a suite of products tailored to different investment needs. Whether you're looking for a short burst of growth with StashAway Simple™ and StashAway Simple™ Plus or want the reassurance of guaranteed returns with StashAway Simple™ Guaranteed, StashAway has the right fit for your needs. As you plan and strategise your investment journey, let StashAway be the trusted partner guiding you towards your financial dreams.

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