Introducing BlackRock®-powered General Investing portfolios

26 September 2022

We've partnered with BlackRock® to give you more ways to put your money to work

We're excited to announce that we've partnered with BlackRock® to offer a suite of globally diversified multi-asset model portfolios that are built with BlackRock’s analytics. Now you can invest in globally-diversified portfolios powered by one of the world’s leading asset managers right from the StashAway app!

Meet General Investing powered by BlackRock®

  • BlackRock provides all insights and asset allocation guidance for this portfolio
  • It’s the most diversified General Investing portfolio on the StashAway app
  • There are four different equity-bond ratios from which you can choose: 20-80, 60-40, 80-20, and 100-0
  • Uses iShares® ETFs

What’s the difference between StashAway-powered and BlackRock-powered General Investing portfolios?

All General Investing portfolios available on StashAway are suitable for long-term investors. They’re designed to outperform their respective benchmarks in the long term.

StashAway-powered General Investing portfolios keep risk constant while pursuing long-term returns 

Our General Investing and Responsible Investing portfolios aim to never overexpose investors  to risk when seeking returns. What this could mean is that a StashAway-powered portfolio might deviate at times from the way markets are behaving in order to keep risk constant. That being said, in the long term, these portfolios are designed to outperform their benchmark.

In contrast, General Investing powered by BlackRock® provides broader exposure to the market

This broader exposure results in an investing experience that generally follows the ups and downs of the markets. BlackRock provides all insights and asset allocations to StashAway for General Investing powered by BlackRock. StashAway manages the trade execution, deposits, withdrawals, rebalancing, and customer support.

So which General Investing portfolio should you have? 

You may want to ask yourself whether you prefer a risk-first approach or a strategy that follows the markets. Given that they have different approaches to achieving long-term results, some clients may prefer to diversify their investment strategies by having both.

Comparing our General Investing portfolios:

General Investing powered by BlackRockGeneral Investing powered by StashAway
Investment strategy distinctionProvides the broadest market exposure while optimising for long-term returnsKeeps risk constant while optimising for long-term returns
What you can expectExpect long-term outperformance, and ups and downs that follow the marketsExpect long-term outperformance, and occasional deviation from how the markets are doing in order to keep your risk level constant
Number of ETFs in a portfolio15-257-13
When a portfolio gets reoptimisedRoutine updates to the portfolio approximately 4-6 times a yearPortfolio asset allocation changes are driven by economic regime changes, historically about once a year
Portfolio selectionSelect your portfolio based on your preferred stock-bond ratioSelect your portfolio based on the potential drawdown

Remember, no matter which strategy you choose, these are long-term investment strategies. To get the most out of any General Investing portfolio, we highly recommend dollar-cost averaging (that is, investing regularly).

Past performance

With the BlackRock-powered General Investing portfolios, there are four different equity-bond ratios from which you can choose: 20-80, 60-40, 80-20, and 100-0.

The 20-80, 60-40, and 80-20 portfolios first launched 1 January 2015. Since then, they have delivered 4.1%, 7.2%, and 9.2% annualised returns, respectively. The 100-0 portfolio launched on 31 October 2016, and has delivered 9.8% annualised returns since inception. (All returns figures are in SGD terms).


How General Investing powered by BlackRock can fit into your investment plan

Our General Investing portfolios pursue optimal risk-adjusted returns in different ways, so you may choose to diversify your investment strategies by investing in both. Or, you may want only one or the other: a portfolio that tracks the ups and downs of the markets as a result of the broader exposure, or a portfolio that keeps your risk exposure constant.

Giving you portfolios that keep up with your investment journey

We started out in 2017 to provide investors not only easy access to the best investment options, but also to investment options that they could grow into.

Since 2017, we’ve expanded our offering to include ESG investing, multiple thematic portfolios, and cash growth. Earlier this year, we launched StashAway Reserve to give Accredited Investors easy access to angel investing, private equity, venture capital, and digital assets. And just last month, we introduced Flexible Portfolios, our customisable portfolio that lets investors control their portfolios’ asset allocations. Now, with General Investing powered by BlackRock, you have more choices of professionally-managed strategies all in one place.

For StashAway General Investing portfolios that are powered by BlackRock, BlackRock provides StashAway with non-binding asset allocation guidance. StashAway manages and provides these portfolios to you, meaning BlackRock does not provide any service or product to you, nor has BlackRock considered the suitability of its asset allocations against your individual needs, objectives, and risk tolerance. As such, the asset allocations that BlackRock provides do not constitute investment advice, or an offer to sell or buy any securities.

BlackRock® is a registered trademark of BlackRock, Inc. and its affiliates (“BlackRock”) and is used under license. BlackRock is not affiliated with StashAway and therefore makes no representations or warranties regarding the advisability of investing in any product or service offered by StashAway. BlackRock has no obligation or liability in connection with the operation, marketing, trading or sale of such product or service nor does BlackRock have any obligation or liability to any client or customer of StashAway.

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