Introducing Our ESG and Environment Portfolios

19 January 2022

We’re excited to introduce 2 new portfolios: our Responsible Investing Portfolio and the Environment and Cleantech Thematic Portfolio.

With our new portfolios, you can now invest towards environmental and social impact without compromising your long-term investment returns. ​​And, as with all our products, you can always choose the level of risk you’re willing to take with them.

Meet our 2 new portfolios:

The Responsible Investing Portfolio

A general investing portfolio that has ETFs with high ESG scores

Our Responsible Investing Portfolio is an ESG-focused adaptation of our classic General Investing Portfolios. ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance, and gives investors a framework to assess how sustainable and future-proof an investment is likely to be.

Just like our General Investing Portfolio, our Responsible Investing Portfolio is optimised for performance.

This means that investors can invest sustainably without compromising on investment returns. In fact, we’ve run the numbers and found that ESG strongly contributes to returns. That’s because companies that focus not only on profit but also on people and the planet are more likely to do well in the long run.

The Environment and Cleantech Thematic Portfolio

A thematic portfolio that’s hyper-focused on the “E” in ESG: environment

Our Environment and Cleantech Portfolio invests specifically in the game-changing technologies and solutions addressing the imminent challenge of our time: climate change.

Compared to our Responsible Investing portfolio, the Environment and Cleantech Portfolio focuses specifically on 5 subthemes that are on the cusp of future exponential growth and key to creating a greener future. These subthemes are: clean energy, clean water, energy storage and smart grids, waste management, and green financing.

Our Environment and Cleantech portfolio is the latest of our 4 Thematic Portfolios, following the recent launch of our Technology Enablers, The Future of Consumer Tech, and Healthcare Innovation portfolios.

Learn more about our Environment and Cleantech Thematic Portfolio.

Invest for good and build long-term wealth with some of the world’s leading fund managers

BlackRock’s iShares, Amundi, and VanEck are just some of the top fund managers behind the ETFs in our Responsible Investing and Environment and Cleantech portfolios.

No matter which portfolio you choose to invest in, both are highly diversified and managed by ERAA®, our intelligent investment framework that optimises our portfolio throughout changing economic environments. That makes both portfolios well-suited to building long-term wealth.

Now, you can invest towards the future of our people and planet without compromising on your risk preference and returns.

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