Introducing Flexible Portfolios

18 June 2022

Now, you can build or customise your portfolio from 70+ asset classes.

You asked, and we listened.

Many of you have been asking for the ability to make your own tweaks and changes to your investments, and so we’re excited to finally introduce Flexible Portfolios! Whether you’re a fan of StashAway’s portfolios but just want to make some small changes, or you want to create your own portfolios from scratch, Flexible Portfolios gives you that, well, flexibility.

Meet Flexible Portfolios

Access 70+ different asset classes 

With Flexible Portfolios, you can choose from more than 70 distinct asset classes that include new ones as well as ones from our existing portfolios. You can choose from asset classes such as Emerging Markets, S&P 500, REITs, Precious Metals (Gold), Energy, Government Bonds, Corporate Bonds and more. See the full list of assets.

The ETFs available are from some of the world’s top fund managers, including iShares, SPDR, VanEck, Vanguard, ARK, and GlobalX.

Over time we’ll add more asset classes, and we’ll let you know as we do. If there are any that you think we should have, let our team know at

Know exactly how much risk you’re taking on

What exactly does “low”, “medium”, or “high” risk even mean?

We’ve always believed you should know exactly how much risk you’re taking, which is why we’ve always given our investments a specific, quantifiable risk measurement. And Flexible Portfolios are no different.

Once you decide on an asset allocation, we’ll calculate that portfolio’s potential downside. For example, if your Flexible Portfolio has a Moderate Risk Level, it means that there’s a 99% chance that it won’t lose more than 19% in a given year.

Build a portfolio from scratch, or edit one of our template portfolios

You can either start with a template portfolio and make adjustments from there, or start with a clean slate and build your portfolio from scratch.

Stay flexible

You can update your asset allocation whenever you want, and have multiple Flexible Portfolios if that’s what’s best for your investment plan.

And, of course, there’s no minimum balance or lock-in.

More about Flexible Portfolios

How do Flexible Portfolios fit into your investment plan?

Flexible Portfolios can serve a few different purposes in an investment plan.

First, it can be your primary investment: For example, if you have a General Investing portfolio but just want to make a few tweaks to the asset allocation, Flexible Portfolios will allow you to stay diversified while also letting you be in control.

Or, it can be a way to strategically double down on exposure to certain asset classes. In fact, you can even create a portfolio with just 1 asset class.

If you want to know more about how to include Flexible Portfolios in your investment plan, read about how Flexible Portfolios can supplement your investment strategy.

How will your Flexible Portfolios be managed?

We’ll rebalance your Flexible Portfolios to always maintain the proportions of the asset allocations you set, but we won’t reoptimise them on your behalf when market conditions change. Read more about rebalancing and reoptimisation.

And let us know what you think!

This is just the beginning for Flexible Portfolios. The launch of Flexible Portfolios is a result of many of you sharing feedback on what would make StashAway even better. And what it becomes will largely depend on what you need it to be. Let us know which features you love and which ones you think are missing. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

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