Introducing Our New Private Investments and Crypto Offering, StashAway Reserve

14 March 2022
Michele Ferrario
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Access private equity, venture capital, angel investing, crypto, and wealth advisory services all in one place.

StashAway Reserve is available only to Accredited Investors (AI). Find out whether you’re eligible to become an AI with us. This article shares some of the author’s personal opinions and experiences, and doesn’t represent financial advice. 

I’m excited to announce StashAway Reserve, our Accredited Investor offering that enables access to private market investments and crypto all in one place. I personally know just how challenging it is to get access to private market investments. And it can be hard to invest in crypto without taking on excessive investment risk. But, I deeply believe that private market investments shouldn’t only be for the well-connected and ultra wealthy, nor that crypto should only be for crypto enthusiasts. Below, you can find the details:

Access private equity and venture capital funds

Through StashAway Reserve and our network, you can access some of the world's leading global players

Private equity (PE) lets investors invest and gain an ownership stake in private companies, as opposed to public companies listed on a stock exchange. Venture capital (VC) is a form of private equity, but focuses on investing in start-ups and small businesses with long-term growth potential.

Investing PE and VC can be an effective way for AIs to diversify their portfolios. Although they’re typically riskier than investing on the stock market, they’ve historically resulted in higher returns over the long run.

PE and VC funds have outperformed the public markets by 3.8 times in the last 25 years

Private Equity and Venture Capital versus S&P 500 Chart

With StashAway Reserve, we’ve carefully selected funds from some of the leading global players. And, we’re able to lower the access bars to private equity and venture capital. While market minimums can range anywhere from $250,000 USD to $1 million USD per fund, we’re offering Accredited Investors access to 5 to 7 high-quality funds starting from significantly less.

Access 10 to 20 promising early-stage startups with angel investing 

Become an angel investor and join the ranks of senior tech executives from Google, Grab, Netflix, and more.

I strongly believe that every high net-worth individual should consider having a part of their wealth allocated to angel investing. Angel investing allows individuals to offer funding to start-ups in exchange for equity or royalties, which can provide diversification in a portfolio while exposing it to significant growth opportunities.

However, I know just how difficult it can be to access high-quality, sizable deals. One way I’ve been able to invest in high-quality, sizable deals is through the XA Network, Southeast Asia’s foremost tech leaders' investment network. I’ve been an angel investor with them over the past few years, and now, I’m excited to extend this opportunity to all of our AIs.

Our collaboration with the XA Network brings AIs exclusive access to some of Southeast Asia’s booming startup scene. With StashAway Reserve, AIs can now get diverse exposure to 10 to 20 promising early-stage startups.

Access crypto, but with risk controls

Diversify your General Investing portfolio with Bitcoin and Ethereum 

A diversified portfolio can contain a small allocation to crypto: Cryptocurrencies are becoming a key asset class and are in an early growth phase. So, investors who can withstand the digital asset’s short-term volatility can also stand to gain from its potentially significant upsides in the long term.

StashAway Reserve allows AIs to expose their General Investing portfolios with a 1 to 12% allocation to Bitcoin and Ethereum through 2 high-quality, institutional-grade ETFs. We’ve chosen Bitcoin and Ethereum as they’re 2 of the most liquid and widely-adopted digital assets.

Access our Wealth Advisory services

Any Reserve client will be assigned to a certified and trained Wealth Advisor who'll deliver unbiased and comprehensive financial and investment advice. Moreover, a Wealth Advisor can help Reserve clients with their annual financial planning and bi-annual portfolio reviews. They'll also be available to answer any questions they might have.

This is a short summary of what Reserve offers today, but stay tuned as we’re continually looking for new opportunities to enhance your investment and wealth management options. If you’re ready to become a Reserve client or would like to chat with us, just get in touch.

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