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CIO Insights: October 2017

Equity markets are outperforming, but they're overvalued.

CIO Insights

CIO Insights: 3rd Quarter 2017

It's been an eventful 3rd quarter. How are you diversified?

CIO Insights

CIO Insights: August 2017

Reflections on a wild August

CIO Insights

CIO Insights: June/July 2017

The global economy is fine. It’s just being modest.

Our Approach

How Does My StashAway Portfolio Change Over Time?

We manage your portfolio for the middle-to-long term. Here's how.

CIO Insights

Do Presidential Impeachments Actually Affect Global Markets?


StashAway Raises $3 Million SGD in Pre-series A Fundraising

The funding round was subscribed by the Rozario family.

Our Approach

Our ETFs: Taxes, Net Returns, and Tracking Errors

There is a lot more to consider than dividend taxes and fees when it comes to electing “the right ETF."


StashAway Receives MAS License

StashAway will launch its digital wealth management platform soon.

Our Approach

StashAway’s ETF Selection

We've carefully selected a mix of broadly diversified ETFs to meet our customers’ wide range of needs and preferences.

Our Approach

Better Service at a Lower Cost

Yes, it really is possible. With StashAway, you’ll always have low fees, and you’ll always know exactly what you’re paying for.

Our Approach

Fractional Shares at StashAway

We use strategic investment tools to enhance and personalise your investment portfolio. Here’s how.

Our Approach

StashAway's ETF Criteria

We use a comprehensive set of criteria to choose the best ETFs for you.

Our Approach

How StashAway Can Charge Low Fees

Top-quality investment products don’t have to be expensive to be effective.

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