StashAway's Performance After 2 Years

2 years of returns, same-risk benchmarking, and a reminder of our investment philosophy


We're Celebrating 2 Years This Month!

We're celebrating 2 years this month! Here's a quick recap of what we've added to our offering, and how our portfolios have performed.

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Successful Long-term Investing Takes Endurance, Not Luck

Here's to boring investing.

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The “Art of the Deal” Strikes Again

The “Art of the Deal” strikes again

Our Approach

How StashAway Calculates Returns

We show total return, time-weighted return, and money-weighted returns to help you evaluate your performance.

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The Markets Are Paying Attention to the Wrong Things

Trump and China’s back and forth over the last week are a picture-perfect example of how the markets can so easily react to meaningless noise.

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Green Shoots Sprout After an Erratic 2018

The entirety of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 can’t paint a better picture as to why you need to stick to your investment plan.

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Boeing is the Latest Lesson in Diversification

Any great company, even one operating in a duopoly, can face unforeseeable events and see its stock price plummet suddenly.

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The Latest Market Rebound Proves Why You Can't Time the Market

The markets are back up. Now what?

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Reviewing 2018 and Anticipating 2019

We're prepared for another volatile year, and want to equip you with the information you need to feel confident next year.